Network Security Testing: Network Security Consulting in Utah

Man checking network security in server room.

In today’s digital age, it’s almost impossible to operate a business without the need for computers and other technology. There has been an unprecedented boom in technological advances over the last 20 years. With that has come a larger reliance on computers and software. The processes that streamline a company’s operations can house vulnerabilities within a network that leave your company open to cyber attacks. Don’t let your company become the next victim. Proactively manage vulnerabilities for yourself, your company, employees, and clients.

Understanding the Importance of Network Security

With the increase in technology used across all industries has come an increase in security risks. A network can be completely taken offline putting a halt to production or hacked to steal private information or even taken hostage for a large sum of money.

To avoid something as severe as a ransomware attack, your company can invest in improving the safety of its technology. Any of the above cyber attacks can cause substantial losses in both revenue and hours that can’t be recovered. Opting to have a network security consulting group test and improve your company’s network security is a better option than waiting until after an attack.

Cyber threats aren’t just for large companies either. Malicious hackers will target different businesses throughout every industry and size. Small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, and even individuals can find themselves on the receiving end of a cyber attack, with losses occurring within minutes after a hacker has gained access to a network.

Network Security Consulting Goes Beyond the Basics

A large number of businesses have an IT department or advisor already staffed but this often falls short when it comes to maximum network security. Network security testing is best when tested by a network security consulting company to provide unbiased results.

Consultant companies such as Snowfensive utilize teams of security experts to conduct network security testing. They deliver what’s called a network vulnerability assessment. External security teams can better protect networks because they have extensive knowledge of protocols and tactics hackers utilize to penetrate networks.

Network security experts will have in-depth knowledge of:

  • Databases
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Network Architecture
  • Firewalls
  • Encryption

By combining this information with their skills and experience, security consultants help keep you and your company safe from cyber attacks. After a network vulnerability assessment, an action plan addresses any holes or backdoors within the network.

When to Schedule Network Security Testing

If your business has never invested in network security consulting, then now is the time to do so. Even if your hardware and applications have remained the same over the years, updates in other areas of technology can render your existing security obsolete.

For new clients, Snowfensive found that there are four fundamental services organizations need to keep their network defenses on high alert. Penetration testing is the beginning, scouring your network and devices for any vulnerabilities for hackers to gain access. The reason this form of network security testing is so crucial is that it helps protect against unexpected security breaches.

New employees should receive social engineering training to ramp up security surrounding their everyday actions within the company. Social engineering takes advantage of trusting individuals to gain information and access.

After Initial Testing

Physical security is another aspect often overlooked outside of simply locking the server room door. Strictly enforcing who has access to your network devices is vital and includes everything from network servers to individual laptops and computers. Each of these is another target for a cyber attack as they grant access to the entire network in many cases.

Implementing physical security can be as simple as restricting access to rooms with a card or badge reader. Another approach is the adoption of physical security tokens that make a computer inaccessible without them. There are even digital tokens smartphones generate to help ensure the user always has it on them.

It’s important to understand that there’s no way to fully protect from cyber attacks due to the evolving technologies and tactics from hackers. For these cases, the Snowfensive incident response team isolates the breach and finds the newly created vulnerability.

New Projects Warrant Their Own Testing

Whether it’s a new product line or an entirely new business venture, a new project is a costly endeavor that needs to be successful. News of a new project paints a target on your network as cyber attackers know this is often a company’s most vulnerable time. Bringing on a network security consulting company can keep the project safe throughout its entire life cycle.

Modern operations and projects require more knowledge than ever before to create secure network infrastructure. Oftentimes small businesses don’t have access to this. It causes even more concern when taking into consideration that 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses.

How a Strong Infrastructure Protects Your Business

After a security consultant like Snowfensive conducts a network vulnerability assessment they draft security protocols to implement. Part of these protocols includes controlling how data is accessed and who has permission to manage it.

As more industries move to the digital realm, various regulations develop to protect consumers and businesses alike. Network security consultants need current knowledge of government regulations at every level to safeguard your company from hefty fines and penalties.

Keeping Nonpublic Information Private

Being able to boast zero security incidents is a confidence builder for both employees and customers. Seeing that a company has put the work into proper network security shows others that the information they share is safe.

Reducing Risks and Mitigating Damages

An efficient network security consulting firm responds quickly to a breach. Removing unauthorized users from the network as quickly as possible minimizes damage and stolen data.

A business of any size is a target for a cyber attack. These attacks can happen from an outside source or an internal employee prompting third-party network security testing essential.

We encourage you to reach out to the Snowfensive team today to schedule an initial penetration test as part of your network security maintenance. Protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your clients all with one consultation. It’s worth the investment to protect your assets and we make the process simple.

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