Incident Response

What Is Incident Response

Address, Contain, and Manage

No system is 100% secured from an attack. Snowfensive understands this, so we have developed an organized approach to addressing the breach, containing the threat, and managing the security breach process.
Benefits from using our approach to Incident Response:

  • We teach your technical support team how to preserve and collect relevant data on a breach so that information can be used forensically to trace the breach’s cause and source.
  • We teach your team what systems to prioritize securing during an active breach and internal communication plans on whom to inform about key details concerning the breach.
  • Long-term guides and policies that ensure proactively working to prevent future breaches.

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Spot Services

These are services we offer that spot risks and threats in a particular system.

Incident Management – Our incident management approach is a comprehensive set of processes that help return your organization’s core services and data back on track and then work behind the scenes to return business activities back to normal.

Benefits of Incident Management:

  • Your IT support team will have the same process to handle future incidents.
  • A knowledge base of each incident and its resolution is logged. This gives your organization valuable insights into how problems were solved and how to improve the efficiency of solving future problems or incidents.
  • Gives you insights into service quality.

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Digital Forensics

Snowfensive’s Forensics tools and experts can help you recover data and investigate material found on digital devices such as Laptops, Mobile phones, Hard Drives, USB drives, and many other digital devices. Our team of experts understands data confidentiality and the importance of recovering data critical to organization.
We offer the following computer forensic services:

  • Database Forensics
  • Analyzing data recovered in a forensic test.
  • Documenting Forensics Reports
  • Recovery of Deleted Data

Malware Analysis – We offer a malware analysis service that detects threats to mobile devices, desktop systems, and other IT systems using a unique analysis technology.

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