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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a security test that identifies vulnerabilities in an information technology infrastructure or a computer system. The test exploits these vulnerabilities to determine if unauthorized access or malicious activity is possible in a system or computer application.

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Social Engineering

We understand that the 'Human Factor' is one of the most significant risks to an organization's data security and computer systems. We use custom-tailored tests to assess your employees' awareness and understanding of Information Security and test your organization's security policies.

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Physical Security

Physically protecting your employees and assets like software, hardware, data, and networks are an essential part of your organization's security. We send experts to your facilities to assess and review your organization's physical security measures.

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Incident Response

No system is 100% secured from an attack. Snowfensive understands this, so we have developed an organized approach to addressing the breach, containing the threat, and managing the security breach process.

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Have questions about which Compliance, Regulation, or Framework applied to your Business or Organization? Talk to our Team of Cybersecurity Experts and Engineers.

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