Penetration Testing

What Is Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services

Our Penetration Testing (Pentest) identifies vulnerabilities in your organization’s information technology infrastructure or computer system. Our custom tests exploit vulnerabilities to determine if unauthorized access or malicious activity is possible in your organization’s systems. The goal of our Ethical Hacking Team is to find and evaluate flaws in your computer system that pose a risk to your organization or company data.


  • Using applications or software differently than its original intended use.
  • Improper configuration of application software.
  • Inadvertent design flaws in your IT infrastructure or software.


  • It provides a baseline assessment of potential threats to your organization’s computer systems.
  • Provides a list of vulnerabilities or flaws found in a system or application.
  • Provides a list of risks associated with each vulnerability.
  • It provides a detailed report with critical data that helps your security team manage security holes effectively in your organization.

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Meet Compliance Requirements

Security Compliance regulations help companies and organizations use the latest and best practices related to their industry. This, in turn, ensures the information security and data integrity of your company’s system and your clients.

We will help you meet Information Security Compliance requirements that include but are not limited to: