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At Snowfensive, we are passionate about helping you to secure your company and its employees. Our goal is to instill and reinforce an enduring culture of security awareness in your organization. We provide security services to a wide range of industries including but not limited to healthcare, law firms, banking, retail, manufacturing and government organizations.Regardless of your size, we design custom security assessments and training programs that fit your needs.

Snowfensive provides tailored security assessments for organizations of all sizes leveraging Open-Source Intelligence to craft unique and realistic Phishing, Vishing, Penetration Tests and Physical Security campaigns. Our team will collaborate directly with you to determine which methods will best fit your organization. We create comprehensive reports not only comprised of numerous specifics to identify detailed vulnerabilities including visual metrics but also to provide you with prioritized recommendations to help secure your environment and improving the current security practices.

In addition to our assessments, a way to bring extensive security awareness into your culture is through Snowfensive’s customized on-site training. Through our many years of experience, we have found that the typical computer based training that most companies are using is inefficient in providing ample security education. Many of them have modules or policies that simply don’t apply to your organization, don’t show real-world examples that effect your employees, are too distracting from the content they do provide, and no one is typically available to answer questions from your staff to ensure their complete understanding. That’s why our team provides in-person Security Awareness Training showcasing the findings discovered during our assessments for your establishment to better guide your personnel and demonstrate the real risks.